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Everything sucks; Reality TV. Politicians. The coffee at the office. What can we do to get relief from all of this?  For the five members of KONG, the answer is simple - You hit things really hard. Things like guitar strings, drum skins and vocal chords.
In 2013, Kong was born out of necessity for its five members. Their lives mundane and numb, something was severely lacking and making loud music was the solution. Bonded by a mutual love of all things catchy, hard and heavy, each band member brings their own take on what constitutes a good song and the result is music that is ripe with nods to everything from Metallica to Mastodon.
Shows are booked. Drinks are poured. Come see us or live to regret it. We play loud, fast and hard. We are Kong.

The Band

    Thomas is from a little town called Askim, Norway. Surrounded by music his whole life, it was inevitable that he would follow the path of a musician. A born lead singer, Thomas loves attention, especially from females. He loves to talk about himself and loves to talk in general, and be the center of attention. He was born with the rockstar ego, and is 100% convinced he's going to «make it big». Almost too confident, but thats really what you want in a frontman, right?

    He loves metal music, especially Metallica. The maniac has showed his love by branding himself with two Metallica tattoos! If there is a party somewhere, Thomas will be the first one to join, and he will drag you to the nearest strip club. He loves strippers.... very much.

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    Kristian's musical career started with playing the guitar in a metal band in his hometown of Stavanger.
    After discovering that a guitar was not an item meant to withstand multiple hits, he bought his first drumkit and started calling himself a drummer.
    He then moved to the city of Grimstad where he co-founded a cover-band, playing student parties etc, receiving great feedback from drunk attendees.

    In 2014, Kristian followed a calling taking him to Oslo, the capital of Norway!
    After a few months of soul-searching he discovered the cause of this calling; a hard-rocking group of guys called Kong. Kristian joined Kong in june 2015, and together with bass player Kjetil from Os they make up what may very well be the greatest west-coast rhythm section this side of Akerselva

    Kristian finds inspiration in all kinds of music, from pop to metal and everything in between. His drummer idol and main-inspiration is Porcupine Tree drummer Gavin Harrison. Among his favorite drummers are Mario Duplantier, Håvard Takle Ohr, Bård Kolstad, Martin Axenrot, Mike Portnoy, Brann Dailor, Danny Carey and many more.

    Although he likes double bass, blastbeats and technical stuff, Kristian will focus on making the drums serve the songs in the best possible way, and that is of course by including the cowbell as much as possible, making it the center of attention and main focus of the song.

    Kristian is endorsed by no-one, and plays whatever is within reach.

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    It’s about doing something you can’t explain. Why does music move so many people and portrait so many feelings? I don’t know...I tried to make sense of it many times and I think the closest I’ve come is that music at its purest is energy.

    When I write music for Kong I try to capture different types of energy. I can remember the first time I heard Guns’n’roses “paradise city”, I probably was seven or eight years old. A buddy of mine brought the tape to school and put it into the cassette player...My mind was blown away! I can remember thinking to myself;”this is what I want to do with my life”. Their kick ass attitude with Slash’s bluesy rock riffs, Axl’s raw crunchy voice combined with Steven Adler’s simple but precise beat...their energy. It was like nothing I had ever heard before, and being Norwegian I didn’t have a clue what they were singing about. Still I liked it more than anything I had ever heard.

    Ever since that moment I have had a few similar experiences when hearing a new band. I can remember clear as day the first time I heard the intro of Nirvana’s “come as you are”, Paradise Lost’s “As I Die”, and let’s not forget when I discovered Black Sabbath. Anyways... my life has always been about rock’n’roll. I’ve always been chasing riffs with the right feel, attitude and energy, similar to the ones of my favourite bands. In Kong I write most of the songs, well at least the rhythm parts and outline of the songs. Writing songs is something I’ve been doing since the age of sixteen, I guess, and I have played the guitar since I was thirteen. Starting out with the tab of “Kill em all”. The guitar of choice? A cheap nylon stringed!! Bad idea? Yes! But I slowly got better at both playing and writing. Always focusing more on the guitar riffs than the lyrics, but I got better at that later on too.

    So long story short: “Let’s rock!”

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    As a child I was never really into music. I listened to my brother's Simon & Garfunkel records but didn't really understand it, even though I wanted to. It seemed like listening to music was something that people did, but I just didn't like any of it. When I got a little older I bought a compilation album called "Absolute Music" something something, because that's what all the other 13 year old kids were listening to. I brought it home and, as usual, I thought it sucked. By that time I was aware that there was "other" stuff out there that might appeal to me more, so I went back the next day and traded it for the album with the most badass cover I could find. That was Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" and it absolutely did NOT suck. I was completely blown away that music could be this intense and exciting. I had found "my" music, and I haven't looked back since. I guess you could say an album of terrible 90's pop and dance music got me into metal.

    My first guitar - a piece of shit Strat knockoff called a GTX-18 which I'm not even sure exists anymore, and the staple of the aspiring guitarist in the 90's; the 15 Watt Peavey Rage practice amp - was less than earth-shattering, but it enabled me to learn from my new heroes; Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, Pantera's Dimebag Darrell, Metallica's James Hetfield, Zakk Wylde from Ozzy's band, Dave & Adrian from Iron Maiden, and let's not forget Knut Schreiner from Norway's own Turbonegro.

    As you can probably tell, I like fast, blazing solos and crunching riffs that electrify and move you. There is nothing better than strapping on my V shaped axe loaded with my signature BWG pickups and feeling the power in my hands. When Kong fires on all cylinders, it takes me back to that moment all those years ago and I remember why I do this.

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